• Mega-Kickathon


    over a million Taekwon-Do kicks in support of the Grenfell Taekwon-Do victims

  • Kensington Taekwon-Do


    Kensington students participated in the Mega-Kickathon


Six students of Kensington Taekwon-Do school were involved in the tragic fire at Grenfell Towers in London.

Four of the students aged from 5yrs to 12 yrs died. One girl, Tasnim aged 6 yrs has lost her whole family.

We are asking Taekwon-Do schools and associations globally to join us in the Mega-Kickathon to raise funds to support Tasnim and the other surviving families.

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How to get involved

To participate in this Mega-Kickathon each participant must perform a total of 1000 kicks.

The Mega-Kickathon can be done during class or as separate event. Each participant donates £10 to enter or nearest equivalent if in a country of a different currency. All proceeds should be donated to the Just Giving crowd fund.

When donating please leave a message indicating your school/association and how many participants you had.

Our aim is to reach a target of at least a million kicks. Let us be united as a global Taekwon-Do family and show these families how much we care.

We thank you for your support.

Kicks to perform

  • 100 Front Kicks - Ap Cha Busigi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Side Kicks - Yop Cha Jirugi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Turning Kicks - Dollyo Chagi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Back Kicks - Dwit Chagi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Reverse Turning Kicks - Bandae Dollyo Chagi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Reverse Hooking Kicks – Bandae Dollyo Goro Chagi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Downward Kicks – Naeryo Chagi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Outward Vertical Kicks – Bakuro Sewo Chagi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Inward Vertical Kicks – Anuro Sewo Chagi (50 on each leg)
  • 100 Middle Twisting Kicks – Bituro Chagi (50 on each leg)
  • (Or any variation as long as 1000 kicks are performed).

Who are the Taekwon-Do students that were involved in the Grenfell Tower fire?

The six students of Kensington Taekwon-Do school taught by Grand Master Donato Nardizzi 9th Degree are: Shekeb Neda 24, Yahya Hashim 12, Malek Belkadi 6, Yakub Belkadi 6, and Yakub Hashim 5. They were made up of 4 separate families.

Malek Belkadi 8 and Tasnim Belkadi 6 were carried to safety by their brave father Omar. Sadly, Malak later died in hospital. Their mother Farah Hamdi and 6 month old baby Leena also died as did Omar as he tried to rescue his wife. Tasnim is the only survivor of the family and she will get as much help as possible from us to ensure she has secure future.

Isaac Paulos 5 died of smoke inhalation. His family survived including his younger brother and we will give them our support.

Shekeb Neda (centre) is a black belt who bravely saved his mother’s life by carrying her to safety from the top floor. Sadly, his father did not survive.

The Hashim family which include Yahya 12 and Yakub 6 who did Taekwon-Do, have not been found and are presumed dead.

How will the funds be allocated?

A committee has been set up to decide how the funds will be allocated to the surviving family members.

The committee includes:

  • Donato Nardizzi (Chief instructor of Kensington Taekwon-Do school and Director of Taekwon-Do Impact)
  • Dan Davis (Secretary of Taekwon-Do Impact)
  • Jacinta Yin (parent of Kensington Taekwon-Do school student)
  • Francois Kojey-Strauss (parent of Kensington Taekwon-Do school student)
  • James Seppala (parent of Kensington Taekwon-Do school student)